Despite the fact that Prolotherapy has been around for over 70 years it is still considered ‘experimental’ by many. Due to its nature, it is considered a ‘natural medicine’. Medicare has stated that they would not pay for ‘natural medicine’ services so they do not cover prolotherapy.


Due to the complexities and numbers of insurance companies and plans, we will not file any Prolotherapy under insurance. Insurance is not accepted.

Patients requesting Prolotherapy will have to sign a waiver stating that they will be responsible for paying for this service and agree to pay for the the therapy themselves.

Payment will be due at the time of service

If your insurance plan pays for Prolotherapy Treatments you may file for reimbursement from your company on your own. Unfortunately, our staff will not be able to contact your insurance company for the purpose of ‘problem solving’. If your company requires treatment records, you may contact our receptionists or nurse to obtain the appropriate documentation.

It is possible that any, or all, of your billed services may not be reimbursable by your insurance company. Discounted reimbursement by your insurance company (their arbitrary assignment of ‘reasonable and customary charges’, ‘medically necessary,’ etc.) reflects an agreement by the policyholder and company. This in no way influences the charges or payment due to Revolution Health & Wellness Clinic for services rendered.

Prices for office visits, treatments, and supplies are subject to change without notice.

The initial visit will consist of a history and thorough physical exam looking for specific tender points and pain referral patterns. This initial evaluation is a medical exam seeking to identify the medical diagnosis and cause of symptoms.