Drawing proliferant solution for prolotherapy

Nothing conveys the benefits of Prolotherapy more than hearing or seeing how it has changed someone else’s life. I believe it speaks for itself.

We could tell you about the hundreds of patients that are now pain free after prolotherapy where they had previously been seriously debilitated. It has changed the lives of countless people but I think it is best to hear it from them!

If you have had prolotherapy, please tell us about your experience on the contact us page. Feel free to give as much or as little happy family store review information as you would like.

We have certainly had patients that did not benefit from prolotherapy but this is rare. Also, most patients tolerate prolotherapy very well but there have been some that experienced extreme discomfort during the procedure and were very sore afterwards. We can provide medications that can ease discomfort but this is rarely necessary. Also, we can provide muscle relaxers and pain medications to ease the soreness after the procedure but this is also pretty rare.

Let us know if you are concerned about this and we’ll do what we can to help!

If you are considering getting prolotherapy, this page is for you! These are the actual experiences of real patients. They can describe their own experiences better than anyone else!


Jimmy – Low Back, Knee, Elbows, Ankle, Shoulders

Alex – Both Knees & Both Shoulders

Kayla – Low Back Pain

Brad – Low Back Pain & Left Leg Numbness & Weakness

Judy – knee pain (both knees)

Roger – Low Back Pain

Mary – Low Back Pain

Alice – Knee Pain

Jerald – Right Knee Pain


Ron Hixon:

I started Prolotherapy 1-9-12 from Dr. Edwards and received instant relief from a 5 year old right knee
injury. I will go back for a followup check in 3 weeks.

Should have done this 5 years ago…………………..

Tina Chyz:

Dr. Edwards and Prolotherapy are giving my life back to me. I have suffered with lower back pain for 30 years. After just three treatments. I can now stand on my feet for an extended period of time and not have to sit down to get some relief. Dr. Edwards and his staff have been very personable, polite and knowledgeable. I recommend this treatment and this Dr. with no hesitation.

Alex Skotarek:

As a bodybuilder I have pushed my body through strenuous yet effective workouts for the last 20 years. The most unfortunate incident occured 6 months ago. While working out with a national level competitor who’s a good friend of mine I sustained a debilitating injury, the MRI showed a SLAP tear. 6 months later my workouts were still extremely discomforting. Fortunately Dr Edwards recommended a procudure called Prolotherapy.

The results are incredible and can be felt instantly. Within 2 weeks I have already improved 45 % in range of motion, mobility and connective tissue feels better in and around the Prolotherapy areas.

Dr. Edwards has performed therapy on both knees and shoulders and I wish I had been introduced to this form of rapid healing process years ago. I highly recommend any athlete or anyone with any pain to invest the time to reconstruct your joints and regain mobility with Dr. Edwards and Prolotherapy.

Jeff Hensley:

Seriously injured my right knee over three years ago. It would get better and I would wind up re-injuring it. It got to the point where I felt surgery was my only option. As a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) I’ve seen 1000s of orthopedic surgeries. I admit its not my area of expertise but I never understood how scraping out the connective tissues during arthroscopic knee surgery was supposed to help. I further did not understand or like the speech about how eventually some day after arthroscopic surgery I would have to have a total knee replacement. So I have avoided the problem for a very long time with the pain and joint instability growing worse over time.

When Dr. Edwards told me about prolotherapy I hoped and prayed it would work. I admit I had hight hopes not just because Chad is a lifelong friend of mine but because this treatment, unlike arthroscopic knee surgery, made sense! It works with the body’s own ability to heal itself.

After 2 injections my knee is better than it has been in years. I’m 98% or better. I can to things that I could not do before and I have been pain free.

Martha Talamantes

I have had back pain for over 12 yrs. Doctors tried physical therapy, pain medications, steroid injections and nothing would help with the pain, if anything the steroid injections made my pain worse. I was informed that Dr. Edwards does Prolotherapy and thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical at first, because I had not heard of this type of treatment before and how simple it is. On my first set of injections I walked out of the clinic “Pain Free”. It is absolutley amazing how quickly and how good it works.