When it comes to drinking sweet tasting substances (soda, coke, coca cola, pop, tea, etc) there are no free rides!

I’ve seen extremely overweight people drinking a 44 oz ‘diet coke’ and just had to chuckle. Now, I’m not saying that drinking any diet drinks make you fat but it reminds me of a comedian I heard several years ago. They were saying that “cottage cheese makes you fat because only fat people eat cottage cheese”. Again, I have to chuckle a little.

I’ve argued for years that drinking diet drinks aren’t a good idea. In fact, my wife calls me a ‘water snob’ because I drink, almost exclusively, water. I suppose I’ve been a little ‘high and mighty’ about it in the past. But then again, maybe I am that much better!

Just kidding…

I do believe that drinking water is the best for our health. There are some other drinks that can be healthy as well but we absolutely need to watch the carbohydrate consumption of anything we put in our body. As I stated earlier though, there are no free rides.

Artificial sweeteners do have an effect. Everything we put into our bodies has an effect.

Multiple studies have shown that artificial sweeteners have more of an effect than most people realize.

This paper probably sums it up better than I can so I’ll just post the link. Gain weight by “going diet?” Artificial sweeteners and the neurobiology of sugar cravings

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