If you know anything about me then you know that I am big on a proper ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. We know that eating too much unhealthy fat is a serious detriment to overall health and is a direct contributor to a number of health issues such as cardiovascular disease.

We used to eat healthy foods. Even when we eat a little too much of a healthy thing, I would argue, it is still better than eating the right amounts of unhealthy foods.

My family and I recently moved from Tennessee back to Oklahoma. Once we got here we started looking for a good source of healthy beef and wanted to purchase a half-cow. A friend led us to check out Cattle Tracks Beef.

Cattle Tracks Beef is located in Fairview, Oklahoma and is certified organic beef. They have been independently tested and verified. Their beef is 100% GRASS-FED “from conception to consumption”. They have an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 1.86 where your standard beef is going to be more like 8-10! Their CLA content is also off the charts at 9.85 mg/g!!

I knew that they would be at a Farmer’s Market in Tulsa so I decided to meet them there. I met Kris who is John’s wife and managed my entire arrangement. She told me that it would take a few weeks but she would walk me through the entire process. I gave her my contact information and she promptly sent an e-mail detailing how the process goes. A week or two later she sent another e-mail asking how I wanted the beef processed.

I had never purchased a 1/2 cow before so I didn’t know all of the possible cuts or what all of that meant. Kris was extremely patient with me and gave me all the advice I asked for. She let me know when they were taking my cow to the processor and when to expect delivery. Once the beef was processed, she delivered it to Tulsa for me at no extra charge!

The beef arrived in 7 large brown paper packages weighing approximately 40 lbs each. The total weight was 250 pounds. The price per pound at the time of this post is $6.25 per pound. That may sound a little pricey but it is a tremendous value due to everything you get. For example, I can get standard 80/20 ground beef at Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars per pound which is much less than $6.25/lb. However, this ground beef is WAY better for you and tastes infinitely better!

Additionally, you get numerous high quality steaks, roasts, ribs, etc for $6.26/lb also. Have you priced a high quality Filet recently? $6.25/lb is a steal!!

Okay, so I picked up the beef and took it home to put in my freezer. I had to buy a deep freeze because I knew I didn’t have room in my standard refrigerator freezer. You’ll notice from the picture that it nearly filled an entire freezer. Only 1 and a 1/2 shelves are not filled with Cattle Tracks Beef.

All of the beef was individually packaged and cut just as I had requested. Each package is vacuum sealed and labeled with the weight of the package.

Here is the breakdown of what I got:

  1. Ground Beef – 93 1 lb packages.
  2. Hamburger patties – 32 packages of 3 patties (1/3lb each)
  3. Kabob meat – 10 packages
  4. Fajita meat – 11 packages
  5. Short ribs – 2 packages
  6. Chuck Roast – 6 packages
  7. Tri-Tip – 3 packages
  8. Pikes Peak Roast – 1 package
  9. Eye of Round – 1 package
  10. Boneless Round Roast – 2 packages
  11. Beef Filets – 5 packages. There are 2 steaks per package, each 2 inches thick
  12. Sirloin Steaks – 7 packages
  13. Flank Steak – 1 package
  14. Arm Roast – 3 packages
  15. Brisket – 3 packages
  16. Rump Roast – 1 package
  17. KC Strip Steaks – 14 packages
  18. Ribeye Steaks – 14 packages
  19. Skirt Steak – 2 packages

I was very impressed with how smooth the entire process went and would have been extremely satisfied to this point. But then we actually cooked some…

That night we decided to grill 3 of the KC strips and a package of 1/3 lb hamburger patties. They were all frozen solid but thawed easily in the microwave on the standard defrost at the proper weight which is indicated on the packages. I used standard charcoal briquettes with no wood seasoning. My wife seasoned the meat with our standard Lowery’s and Cavendar’s mixture. I like my steaks medium rare and my hamburger patties medium.

The first thing I noticed was how juicy the hamburger patties were. They are 80/20 lean whereas the other ground beef is 90/10. Having patties pre-made was a HUGE benefit and made grilling much easier.

The real difference was in the taste! These were probably the best steaks I have ever had. The texture was extremely tender and high quality. The flavor was phenomenal. The hamburger patties were hearty in their flavor as well.

In conclusion, I cannot understand why anyone would NOT get their meat from a place like Cattle Tracks Beef. It was easy, simple, customized, healthy, and delicious. If you are looking for high quality, healthy beef then you simply can’t find any better!!

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